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Cheap Branded Watch
Big Grin 
[Image: cara%20menggunakan%20jam%20tangan%20yang%20benar.jpg]

 clock is useful to show the time. Similarly watches. If people buy watcheswith the purpose to know the time, definitely the watch business has long since buried swallowed fast-moving era entering the doors of the digital or information technology.
Since the appearance of the cell, time ¬ pounds can be known by only see pound ¬cells. However, businesses still watches sam ¬ pie right now, even the pros-peknya is pretty good because it's actually people buying watches instead of pursuing the function pointer as time, but rather as complementary accessories, pe ¬ nampilan, lifestyle and prestige-lift.
That's the reason Nurzamril, owner of the shop Hours hope in The West II No. 26 B, Padang, endure mela ¬ koni watches business since 1990. When the bow me ¬ ngun-the store, on Friday (8/6), seen bebe ¬ rapa worker in the store serves the servicing watches customers.
Evidence that business prospects have watches are nice in the days of the internet, every other week watches shopping Nurzamril to wholesalers and importers in Jakarta. ¬ The proof he surrendered wakilkan to the kepercaya ¬ its skill in the capital, which is his brother. With demi ¬ kian, he didn't need to go to Jakarta to shop like he used to do. The benefits, he and cost-effective time. In the field, he's just waiting fora shipment of goods was shipped from Jakarta.
Other evidence was the arrival of traders from various regions of Su ma Western ¬¬ tra to the store Hopes to make purchases in the party a lot. Gross gan Nurzamrilda tang of ¬ even Rivers full, Jambi.
Although the Nurzamri selling watches in the major parties, but his shop bu kan ¬ ¬one grocery store. "My shop is a retail store. But I am also serving pembe ¬ lian in the major parties, with prices like at the grocery store, "he said.
The reasoning mem ¬ buy watches is ber ¬ ¬ sarkan da market needs and trends of the latest watches. Little to no relation to per team ¬ ¬ bangan shoppers buy watches, namely pertim ¬ bangan models, prices, and jam tangan murah.
"The first thing that dili ¬ hat people now will buy these watches is a model. If brand and kua ¬ litasnya is nice, but not exciting delnya ¬ mo according to buyers, the result is also not good. After looking at the mo ' del, then buyers see the price and 

brand. If the model, price, and the buyer according to taste, the brand will be bought, "said Nur ¬ zamril.
In it, the Nurzamril sold the watches from the lowest prices, i.e. Rp25 thousand, until the price expensive, i.e. Rp2 million. SE ¬ another selling watches with prices vary, he also sells watches for all age and gender. Then, hours sold from various brands and types. For za ¬ man now, there are three types of clocks are commonly sold in stores, i.e. the type of automatic, battery, and digital.
Regarding turnover, Nur ¬ zamril recounted, the turnover of shops not only hours of sales, but also from the repair of clocks and pen ¬ selling spare parts. Pema-sporteven more from repairs and spare parts sale ¬ pen. Therefore, it has no sales targetthis time.
"Business hours are not the same as business shops selling everyday goods that have a target goods sold. BER ¬ business, the most important is, we have a ba ¬ rang when the person who asked the question, "he said me ¬ ¬ kapkan ngung.
About the damage, the main cause of the damaged clock was due to a fall and entered the water. Repair any damage depends. There are among its battery replaced, there was also a rope in ¬ change, there are also tribes ca ¬ dangnya cannot be replaced.
Nurzamril travel as merchants hours in ¬ started working at the store hours belongs to his uncle exactly ¬ lum in 1990. He learned to fix the hour of pa ¬ ¬ his man. After that, he opened the store hours alone with capital from his family.
"My family is the merchant family hour. My father is the trader hours touring villages kam ¬ pung. When I open the store, he stood before me and selling pension by selling and mem ¬ fix hours in the shop, "said Nurzamril.
In addition to selling hours ta ngan, also Nurzamril ¬ download ¬ sell wall clock andkalku ¬ lator. In a simple kedainya, saban days he serve consumers with assisted some children the fruit.

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